Nutella: A Sweet and Nutty Story, With A Dark Side.

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Back in 1951, in Alba, Italy, Pietro Ferrero started selling what has become everyone’s favorite chocolate-hazelnut spread under the name “Supercrema Gianduja.” Shortly, his son Michelle named it “Nutella” — big thanks to him.


Throwback To World War II 


During the difficult times of World War II, Italy struggled with a severe scarcity of cocoa. However, the Ferreros had a superb plan, and added hazelnut to make up for the shortage of cocoa in chocolates. 

Indeed, it turned out to be a perfect combo, and an all-time bingeable snack!


Speaking of track records, according to Times of India, Michele Ferrero became Italy’s richest man in 2008, with an estimated $11 billion in wealth, after tweaking his father’s recipe.


France Had Another Plan/ France Was A Real Bummer


Soon after Nutella was rocking nationwide, the French senator Yves Daudigny, suggested raising an increased tax on palm oil, one of the main ingredients of Nutella, from 100 pounds to 400 Euros per Ton.


In contrast to the French Government’s claims that palm oil is unhealthy and damaging to the environment, food experts have stated clearly that palm oil is free of trans fat and rich in vitamins. 


Therefore, Nutella remained to be loved by millions of people all over the world, proving that the sweet and nutty spread is here to stay.

More Fun Facts For Every Nutella Lover To Discover


In 1978, Nutella made its way from Europe and all the way to Sydney, Australia. Later in 2005, about 28,000 Nutella enthusiasts — just like you, probably — participated in the world’s largest breakfast in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.


Not long after that, in 2007, the nutella enthusiast Sara Rosso, became the Nutella Day Founder, encouraging every nutella fan to post pictures, recipes, and send messages, showing love to the ultimate chocolate-hazelnut spread.


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