Senior Media Buyer

Job Summary

Media buying in Cultark is a high involvement dynamic function. It is what makes us stand out. We don't just launch Ads. We plan, observe, record, and optimize 365 days a year, whether in person or using tools. The media buyer has to have a growth marketing oriented mentality in addition to a set of non-traditional persona targeting approaches as well as be organized from naming campaigns, Adsets / Ad groups and Ads to having an Ad optimization and maintenance routine every 3 to 5 days depending on how demanding and versatile the account is. Leaving an Ad unattended for a long while is definitely something we are not in favor of. That's why we try to provide tools and dashboards for complete visibility

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Logical and non-traditional targeting on all social & digital platforms including native article providers (example: Nativo), native Ad networks, and digital magz.
2. Interpretation, choice and usage of growth models with different client objectives
3. Full scenario planning and budgeting
4. Creating and planning a variety of PPC campaigns across a range of digital channels (Facebook - LinkedIn - Twitter - Snapchat - Tiktok - Google Ads) including remarketing and retargeting practices
5. Test and develop strategies for new models and new types of advertisers.
6. Map out the customer’s journey across all funnel stages.
7. Stay up to date with the latest platform announcements, policies & launches.
8. Provide “compelling”, conversion and shocking content guidelines for creative departments to follow for maximum business objective fulfillment client’s bottom line effect..
9. Comfortably measure & evaluate the success of campaign groups and provide big picture and detailed analyses with persuasive data visualization techniques
10. Presenting media proposals, including timings and cost breakdowns, helping clients to reach a final decision about their future advertising strategy.
11. Guide a client's development team on all steps to install tracking pixels, tags, triggers, and define custom conversions on Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn

Experience & Qualifications

1. 3-5 years of experience in media planning & overall digital presence strategizing at a digital marketing agency.
2. Comfortable with discussing growth models, scenarios. techniques & structuring flow charts of different user journey and growth hack touch points across the funnel
3. Knowledgeable about specific growth marketing case studies and historical success stories and able to interpret them smoothly
4. Knowledge of DoubleClick, ComScore, heatmap and session tracking solutions, attribution solutions (Hint: Appsflyer & Adjust)
5. Working experience in Google Tag Manager conversion tracking, Google Analytics, Search console, Custom audiences and dynamic remarketing, etc..
6. Hands-on experience with YouTube Ads especially video content optimization
7. Knowledge of how platforms like Adroll and DoubleClick operate and recommending them for relevant clients.
8. Hands on experience with Google responsive Ads and Google Ads different bidding and budget optimization scenarios.
9. Hands on experience with Facebook Ads manager issues, tips and trick. You are expected to have your own valid approach to non-traditional
psychographic & behavioral targeting with hacks that are not found on forums or help sections
10. Ability to brief and guide a client's development team on all steps to install tracking pixels, tags, triggers, and define custom conversions on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, Google and LinkedIn
11. Documentation attitude and flexibility to train people inside and outside the agency
12. Ability to A|B test, learn and report content optimization scenarios. Example: real vs stock visuals performance, or mixing and matching different elements of a visual and product placements in it to figure out the best performing format. Working knowledge of tools that do so is a plus. (Hint: Adespresso)


1. Ability to work with modest as well as huge media budgets without failing the promised KPI range or burning money without optimization.
2. English communication skills and ability to deploy them while selecting Ad targeting fields are a must.
3. Able to work independently and have excellent time management skills.
4. Strong writing, presentation and strategic and analytical thinking skills.

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