Art Director

Job Summary

Art directors are responsible for the overall visual aspects of an advertising or media campaign and coordinate the work of other artistic or design staff, such as graphic designers. Supervise,help and train Designers / Creative team to achieve department goals.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Generate clear ideas and concepts in tandem with the copywriter.
2. Responsible for the creative vision for online campaigns
3. Produce sketches, storyboards, roughs to visualize ideas.
4. Determine how best to represent a concept visual.
5. Cooperate with the rest of the creative team across different types of media.
6. Take work from concept to final execution within deadlines.
7. Identify and solve design teams major problems and issues.
8. Manage and delegate responsibilities to other designers and provide directions.
9. Present completed ideas to clients/team members.
10. Stay on top of all trends and maintain best practices.

Experience & Qualifications

1. Degree / Diploma in applied arts, Graphic Design, Visual Arts & Fine Arts.
2. +7 Years of experience as a Graphic Designer, ideally in publishing, advertising, marketing or branding companies.
3. Must be a Talented Artist with a very good understanding of Graphic Design Principles and Aesthetics.
4. Must have experience and a great understanding of: (Composition - Layout - Color - Typography - Icons & Pictographs design).
5. Proficient use of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator or other visual design and wire-framing tools.
6. Should be experienced in some of the following areas of design (Vector Illustrations - Photo manipulation - Poster & digital ads design - Printed & Editorial designs - branding, Logo & corporate id ).
7. A portfolio that shows a proven track record of design work that looks good and sparks action.


1. Strong communication, presentation skills and positive team collaboration is a must.
2. Must be a committed and supportive person
3. Ability to come up with smart solutions
4. Strong leadership skills

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