Job Summary

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Work creatively to produce original and cool designs, videos and animations.
2. Executing visual concepts for videos. This may involve:
3. Conceptualizing ideas for characters, scenes, backgrounds and other animation elements
4. Creating character sketches for new animations based on design briefs
5. Developing storyboards for animation projects
6. Designing backgrounds, sets and other elements of the animated environment
7. Taking direction from the Art Director to achieve client objectives.

Experience & Qualifications

1. 2-4 Years of experience in Animation, or similar role
2. Use specialist computer generation software such as After Effects, Media Encoder and premiere, use the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator,) like a pro.
3. Think strategically, beyond your immediate role, look for opportunities and solutions.
4. Think digital-first, because screens rule us all.
5. Actively advance skill set and abilities by staying aware of industry trends and techniques.


1. ADOBE cloud expert
2. Creative vision that breaks barriers
3. Team Player and communicative

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