Account Manager

Job Summary

Account Managers act as client advocates and work with internal departments to ensure that client needs are understood and satisfied. They assist with handling client complaints, collecting and analyzing data, and improving the overall customer experience. Ultimately, a successful Account Manager should collaborate with our sales team to achieve quotas while keeping our clients satisfied and engaged with our products and services in the long-run.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Propose/introduce clients to Digital Marketing Services; SEO, SEM, Social, Email and Video.
2. Stay on top of trends in digital, continue growth/knowledge to bring fresh strategy.
3. Assist in providing ongoing training with the client services team, knowledge to bring digital strategies.
4. Manage client expectations through bringing issues/concerns to client's attention before facing those problems, offering potential solutions.
5. Collecting and analyzing data to learn more about consumer behavior.
6. Reporting with clients.
7. Collaborate with Creative teams and understand the platforms they use.
8. Responsible for maximizing financial revenue while maintain the clients expert
9. Explore new partnership clients.
10. Knowledge of how platforms like Adroll and DoubleClick operate and recommending them for relevant clients
11. Knowledge about YouTube Ads especially video content optimization, Facebook Ads,and Google responsive Ads and Google Ads different bidding and budget optimization scenarios.
12. Ability to brief and guide a client's development team on all steps to install tracking pixels,tags, triggers, and define custom conversions on Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn.
13. Ability to A|B test, learn and report content optimization scenarios. Example: real vs stock visuals performance or mixing and matching different elements of a visual and product placements in it to figure out the best performing format. Working knowledge of tools that do so is a plus.

Experience & Qualifications

1. BA/BS degree in Business Administration, Sales or relevant field
2. 2-3 Years of experience as an Account Manager, Key Account Manager relevant role.
3. Experience in SEO, SEM, and Analytics.
4. Understanding of brand strategy and deployment.
5. Willingness to embrace the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.
6. Ability to work with corporate marketing professionals and third-party agencies.


1. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
2. Organized and able to handle multiple accounts at a time, while maintaining sharp attention to detail.
3. Experience delivering client-focused solutions to customer needs.
4. Demonstrable ability to communicate, present reports to client & management.

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