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You might have heard the term LogTech before. And no, it's not Logitech, the famous electronics company. It's a term for combining logistics and technology, but it's hardly even the case. LogTech is an emerging industry that strives to improve traditional logistics services through technology. With the rise of e-commerce and the tendency towards digital transformation, LogTech became the logical step to the future of logistics. The industry was invested in about $13.6B in the last few years, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 89%. A new and promising industry, every step -from launching to growing- should be calculated. And that's where we get in the picture. The Tender Spots: UGotBox is one of E-com E-global projects, a company owned by PFI, the investment arm of Egypt Post. The international e-commerce shipping brand functions as a one-stop-shop solution for shopping and shipping from international online stores and delivers it to Egypt. There were many challenges we faced as the website launched. One of the challenges was the low purchase-requests rates compared to the high registration rates. Also, the high cost per registration is due to low shipping requests.


Such a hassle, isn't it? But we shine the best in critical situations, We used our best practices to lift the brand's performance online. We launched high-frequency Reach & Traffic retargeting campaigns and delivered product-focused content across all channels. As for the rest of the marketing funnel, we planned and created fully-personalized conversion-rate-optimized content pieces and applied media buying tactics to harvest the full potential of machine training


The outcome was fascinating! In a short time, we reduced the cost per registration by 90% This led to reducing the amount spent per registration and the increase in the number of shipping requests.

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