Case study


PayTabs is a convenient B2B payment solution provider. Its service helps businesses turn their social media platforms into professional stores. CultArk paved its way to becoming a known provider alongside competitors. PayTabs wasn't known in the Market while their competition was well known and retained big budgets to spend. That’s why it was hard to maintain a good position in the market alongside industry sharks.


We implemented the BEAM Model to raise awareness and to maximize conversion. Broadcast: Reaching an abundant amount of audience through quality content. Engage: Grabbing the attention of customers through hammering on their needs. Activate: Receiving inquiry messages to convert more customers. Mobilize & Monetize: we maximized conversion to generate leads for the brand.


We achieved 48X return on ad spend ROAS, 18% conversion rate while the industry benchmark is 8%, and 33% conversion rate on messages that converted customers.

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