Case study


Mawlay's, a Ramadan tent business, faced challenges in creating brand awareness and converting customers in a short amount of time due to seasonal changes and a competitive market. To overcome these challenges, we implemented a full-funnel strategy, targeting our audience's specific needs in just 25 days. We also focused on specific tactics to address abandoned cart scenarios caused by limited product offerings and location changes. Additionally, we put in consideration our target audience's needs and preferences, despite the fact that Mawlay's location changes from one year to another, so the audience can feel loyal to the historical place, not to the brand itself.


Mawlay's, a seasonal Ramadan tent business, faced challenges in driving online traffic and generating revenue. We conducted market research to identify target audiences and understand their interests. We then used this information to create a full marketing funnel, focusing on the experience and history of the location. We tested different creatives and refined our approach to improve results. Our community management team also helped customers by sending manual payment links and recommending other days to reserve for the best experience. Despite the challenges, we were able to generate higher sales.


As a result, return on ad spent ROAS ranged from 45X to 60X due to difference in the attribution model.

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